"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

⸻ Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect

01who we are

⸻ module28

Established in 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, module28 is a design studio founded by two architects, Hoang Nguyen and Hanh Tran, formerly known as Unit08 Architecture.

Our core belief is that design should foster trust among our collaborators, clients, and the communities that interact with our creations. We strive to inspire and empower individuals and societies through our work.

In our commitment to environmental sustainability, we design spaces that not only preserve and respect natural resources but also contribute to the rejuvenation of our planet.

02what we do

⸻ study

We thoroughly study all aspects of the project that influence the specific conditions in each case. Our research and site study encompass material elements, rural and urban landscapes, traditional and modern architecture. We pay special attention to the treatment of landscapes and heritage, always considering how architecture can be seamlessly integrated.

⸻ design

We focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly designs and always try to create unique spatial solutions tailored to each project by blending local heritage, natural elements, and modern requirements. With our proven expertise in managing every stage of a project, from initial designs to final execution, we deliver comprehensive turn-key solutions.

⸻ build

Our focus is on constructing architectural narratives that strive to craft distinctive spatial experiences. Guided by the belief that well-designed spaces enhance users' quality of life, we approach each new project as a unique challenge, always aiming for the highest quality in spatial production through dynamic architectural solutions.